April Theme- MANBA!!!!

Dally's First Manba Attempt! 
" had a little bit of bright green eyeshadow on but I don't think it shows up in the photo"

Pepa's Old school manba makeup
"when the idea came up i decided to revive my oldschool look, so this is an outdated look, but still really fun!"

Tomasa's manba look

Kaizo's Manba makeup
"Well this definitely took longer to do than back in the day when I was manba. Sorry No crazy hair! It just got packed away!!! Bottom lashes were actually drawn on. "


March Theme Post!

This theme's post is to bring in the season of spring with the colour green! We decided to use St. Patty's day to show a snippet of what we like to do! It was a free for all for what the members of Gal*Luxy wanted to do.
Let's take a look-see of what some of our members did!



Tori partied a bit in cute green make up. Her hat is super cute for a nice night of enjoying her St. Patty's beverage!



"Here is my St. Patricks day post. Me and Michael decided to make rainbows with shamrocks and pot o' golds! And to also celebrate the Irish ways, we decided to take shots of Lux Vodka! So we were completely smashed making these rainbows! :3"

"Okay, this is my submission for St. Paddy's day. I am sorry I am not showing my face. I had limited time. However, you get to see my bod >>.. that is 30lns lighter than the last time anyone has seen me lol and my nails are did XD . Anyways, for Easter I will be a cute bunny or something, I promise!"


"We decided to do a rendition of My Drunk Kitchen for our Gal*luxy St. Patty's Day Special. We made Irish Potato soup~"

St. Patrick's Day Special: My drunk Irish Gyaru Kitchen!!!

"So I made a Shamrock Freezepop. I'm not used to the color green and even considered making a pink Saint Patty's recipe! I'm really silly when it comes to things like that! Pictured below is the recipe. Its super easy. Just blend and freeze! I think its a great healthy treat for spring! Its refreshing and delicious. <3"



"What I did for St. Patty's day! Nothing too special since I did it last minute. Me and Tomo tore up these cookies, lol."

"I never had a Shamrock Shake before! So, since it's that time for it, my friend and I went on a night adventure to hunt some down! It was a delicious, minty green success! "

There is twelve days left til the March Michigan Meet!


March Meet: Tentative Schedule

Here is the official schedule for the March 29th-31st meet!

Friday March 29th
10:30pm-12am - Bath House party (please bring your swimsuit)
details: http://oasishottubs.com/

Saturday March 30th
11am- Ann Arbor Art Museum
details: http://www.umma.umich.edu/

12:30pm- Lunch at Blue Nile (they also have a vegetarian menu)
details: http://www.bluenilemi.com/

3pm- Pinball Pete's & Bubble Island
details: http://www.pinballpetes.net/

5:30pm- Mall!

Dinner- Pending

BYOB for Pepa's after dinner!!!

Sunday March 31st
Get over that hang over with some pancakes! Say good byes and go home! <3



Valentines Post

As a person who likes themed things, I thought that sharing our stories would be an interesting way to get to know each other as a sisterhood. Knowing how we interpret a theme or a holiday and a way to make memories on top of that aspect, I felt that it was a great way to bond together. We also hope other people would share a link to their stories too when we post them!

This post's theme was for a certain holiday that I think is a way to help spread love that we might have overlooked while in the hustle and bustle of life's challenges.

I hope you enjoy our stories!



My super pink Valentines Day special video! Josh and I made home-made sugar cookies!


Hey gals ♥ Here’s a mini project I’ve been working on for a while for my lovely boyfriend. I got the idea from the movie A Millionaire’s First Love, one of my all time favourite romance films <33 Anyways, aren’t they just the cutest?! I think they’re a perfect gift filled with love. Its a good way to remind him of how much I love him and how much he means to me. I’ve also written memories that makes us laugh and random things that’ll make him smile. Its a good way to help brighten up his gloomy day. Since they’re prescribed, he can’t take more than 2x/day or else he’ll over dose and get love sick :p


Hello Gyaru Divas!!
This is just our interpretation of the Boyfriend tag that everyone is doing on youtube.
We hope you enjoy it lovers! In the midst of our crazy schedule of school, work, and planning our upcoming wedding in June, we decided to sit down and make a Valentine's day video for everyone. We hope you gys enjoy it and look forward to more videos from us! Happy Valentines Day! 

Kira Kira

I have a habit of making cards so decided not to break it. I`m not sure if it came out exactly how i wanted it to but it was made with love and I also included some other little things (couples charms because I`m a cheeseball v.v)


For my Valentine's day event, I just wanted to get a little get together with the chicago gals. It was a little last minute, but it was very fun. I met up with Purin in Chinatown and we chatted before getting a  light lunch and tea together and waiting on Nami. Then, after buying posters, and various cute goodies and also more snacks, we headed to Nami and Tomo's apartment. We wound down, shared some stories to catch up with each other, give advice, and sipped some wine and ate a lot of snacks. Then we watched a weird demon movie called VHS. Our time together was very chill, and just nice to have my gals with me. It was a little sad that Dally could not come because of time issues with work, but I hope she can meet the other Chicago gals too!

Purin and I had to leave kind of early, and actually got a ride from some friends of mine, and we played Tekkon 6 against each other til we had to leave. I usually don't do much on Valentines day or do Valentines themed things myself, but, spending time with my gals was a good choice this year!

I also received some cute flowers sent to me at work. They were super cute!! 

Here is my vday themed video ♥ 


My Valentine's day Para routine!


We got a Gyaru Valentine♥

Someone wrote us a Gyaru Valentine!! To who ever you are, we won't let you down!

Go spread the love and write a Gyaru Valentine for your favorite gyaru or gyaruo!



First Official Meet~ March 29th-31st

Hey everyone! We will be holding our first official circle meet!

Location: Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dates: Marc 29th - 31st
Time: TBA
Plans: TBA

We are still planning out the schedule so please stay tuned!
We hope to see you there!

The Pink Life - Purin

Purin chan has a cute new youtube series called The Pink Life. Here is her latest video!